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Selecting a Swimming School

While swimming lessons are an ever-popular extracurricular activity for children, have you ever considered the multiple benefits of your child learning to swim? Research shows that there are numerous benefits to swimming, including safety, health/exercise, and social benefits. Safety Benefits It is important that children learn to respect water from an early age, and to […]

The Benefits of Swimming

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This time of year, everyone seems to be facing the winter blues. The magic of Christmas has passed, the weather seems to be constantly cold and gray, and everyone is dreaming of spring.  One great way to combat the “blah” of winter is through exercise – and of course, you know what kind of exercise […]

Swimming Gear: Essential or Nonessential?

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As with any sport, there is a whole retail culture built around having the right, “must have” swimming gear. Much of this, of course, is just hype. Be it a certain brand of swimming suit or owning all of the related swimming accessories, retail companies are constantly vying for your attention – and your dollars. […]

Protect Your Eyes with the Right Goggles

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Have you ever taken a giant leap in a pool and accidentally opened your eyes while under water? If so, you will likely never forget the stinging sensation that hit your eyes the moment they touched the chlorinated water. However, did you know that chlorine could actually damage your eyes – sometimes even permanently? According […]

Women’s Swimsuits: Picking the One That’s Right for You

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Have you ever had the dream where you are standing in front of an audience giving a presentation at school or work when you suddenly discover you forgot to get dressed? Looking down, you discover in horror that you are completely naked! The thought of publically exposing oneself is the stuff of nightmares; however, in […]

Meet Penelope!

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Penelope is the plush Puerto Rican Parrot mascot here at Parrot Sports Gear! She interns with a new local-Dayton company every week and shares her experiences with the world on social media. Penelope is a stuffed animal Puerto Rican Parrot (Amazona vittata), which happens to be is one of the rarest birds in the world. […]

8 Reasons Why Swimming is a Valuable Sport

From life-skill to sport, swimming is a sport that teaches valuable, life-long lessons. The initial investment of swimming—time, effort, commitment, equipment costs—yields a great return. According to the Fitbit Activity Index, swimming is the No. 3 fitness activity for all ages in Great Britain, No. 4 in Australia, and No. 7 in the United States. […]