Women’s Swimsuits: Picking the One That’s Right for You

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Have you ever had the dream where you are standing in front of an audience giving a presentation at school or work when you suddenly discover you forgot to get dressed? Looking down, you discover in horror that you are completely naked! The thought of publically exposing oneself is the stuff of nightmares; however, in a sport such as swimming where athletes wear a small amount of clothing as it is, this can easily become a reality. But don’t worry, purchasing the right swimming suit for your body, as well as your comfort level, will eliminate the worry that your bad dreams might come true.

How to Choose the Right Fit Swimming Suit

When it comes to purchasing a swimming suit, the most important thing to consider is fit.

  • Torso: The torso of your swimwear should lie perfectly flat on the body without extra fabric gathering at the seams or pulling from any straps/openings. You need to be sure that the suit is not too tight; test this by checking that you can move around comfortably in your swimsuit without any uncomfortable pulling from the leg openings, straps, or around your neck.
  • Legs: In order to be sure that the leg openings of a competitive swimsuit are the right size, check that elastic straps are not puckering or digging into your legs. If the suit is digging into your legs, you may want to try a larger suit size. Also, be sure to check the backside of the suit to ensure it offers appropriate, comfortable coverage. If you require more coverage than a certain style of suit offers, try a different style rather than a different size.
  • Shoulder straps: The straps on your swimsuit should lie comfortably on your shoulders, without falling down your arms or digging into your skin. To test how the straps fit, rotate your arms a few times to ensure that the straps are comfortable in all positions.
  • Chest/bust: The bust of your swimsuit should have plenty of coverage without flattening the chest entirely. Also, look for a suit with adjustable straps to find a fit that will ensure you feel secure. Before buying a suit, rotate your arms a few times in front of a mirror – being sure that all positions provide adequate chest coverage.

Full Bodysuits

Full bodysuits are gaining popularity in the competitive swimming arena. These suits are designed to enhance speed in the water and reduce drag. However, while these suits may shave a fraction of a second off of your overall race time, it is not likely that it will improve your time or conditioning at a gym or local pool. Also, these suits are much more expensive, as they include a great deal more fabric than do traditional suits. Before making the big purchase of a bodysuit, be sure to define your specific swimming goals and determine if this type of suit is right for you. If it is, be sure that you find a bodysuit that is not too tight. By trying on the suit before you by, you ensure that it does not cut off any circulation or cause pain. If it feels too tight, try the next size up.

TYR Swimsuits

Here at Parrot Sports Gear, we are proud to carry TYR swimsuits in a variety of different styles. Our goal is to help you find the perfect suit for your swimming needs – be in a quick dip in the pool with your family or competitively swimming. Let’s look more closely at some of the fantastic types of swimsuits we offer!

  • TYR Controlfit: This swimming suit takes into consideration style and function. It provides flattering coverage to make you look your best at the pool; this modest suit features a classic cut leg, a high, square neckline, and thick, supportive straps. Not only is the suit fully lined, but it also incorporates UPF 50+ technology for superior sun protection. This suit comes in both black and navy.
  • TYR Cutoutfit: The Cutoutfit is a suit designed to provide wearers with a full range of motion. Featuring a low neckline, sleek/flexible straps, a low back, and high-cut leg, this suit is perfect for athletes who want minimal coverage but still desire support they can count on. This suit includes 4-way stretch technology and UPF 50+ technology to keep you protected from the sun. Not only does the cut of this suit look great, but it is also available in a variety of eye-catching patterns.
  • TYR Diamondfit: In between the modesty and coverage of the Controlfit and Cutoutfit suits, the Diamondfit swimsuit features a medium neckline, sleek/flexible straps, a keyhole back, and a moderate cut leg. This suit is perfect for swimmers who are looking for coverage they can count on! The Diamondfit includes UPF 50+ technology and is also available in an assortment of great prints.
  • TYR Maxfit: The Maxfit is designed to provide a swimmer with fuller coverage but without adding any drag. Featuring a medium neckline, thick, supportive straps, a modest keyhole back, UPF 50+ sun protection, and a moderate cut leg, this suit is perfect for those who want to be more modest, but don’t want to sacrifice any speed. Parrot Pro Gear offers this suit in several designs – both solid colors and patterns.
  • TYR Trinityfit: The Trinityfit is another suit designed to provide the wearer with comfortable, reliable coverage. This suit features a medium neckline, sleek/flexible straps, an open, triple-bound X-back, a high cut leg, and UPF 50+ sun protection. This suit comes in several appealing patterns.
  • TYR Shortjohn: For those looking for a full bodysuit, the TYR Shortjohn is a great option. As our website states, this suit incorporates a revolutionary technology that “causes water to surround the fabric of the swimsuit, creating a visible hydrospheric effect.”  This suit provides full, streamlined coverage, and is specially designed to reduce drag, thereby improving speed and efficiency. The Shortjohn is available in both closed- and open-back styles.
  • Separates: No matter your desired modesty or comfort level, Parrot Pro Gear has two-piece swimsuits to meet your needs. We offer several bikini top options, as well as both skort and traditional bikini-style bottoms. All of these are TYR products, as well, so you can rest assured that you are purchasing a quality product.

If you are not sure which suit type would best fit your body and/or swimming needs, come visit the Parrot Sports Gear showroom at 6100 Wilmington Pike, Dayton, OH (Inside Hot Spring Spa). We would love to help you select the perfect swimming suit!

If you aren’t local or prefer to shop online, click here.

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